[Toybox] depmod & modprobe?

scsijon scsijon at lamiaworks.com.au
Mon Jun 8 18:39:24 PDT 2020

On 8/6/20 11:32 pm, Rob Landley wrote:
> On 5/29/20 6:13 PM, scsijon wrote:
>> ?and poked again (please), as i can't see anything in 0.83 's status page.
> Thanks for the reminder poke.
> I note that "apply this patch you haven't had time to review" and "do this work
> that hasn't made it to the top of your todo list" are different bars.
> One means "time's up, if nothing's obviously enough wrong with it to do anything
> about so far then it can go in as-is, eat your quibbles and maybe add a note to
> stare harder later to the to-do heap but for now it is time to get out of the way".
> The other is "find some time/energy/focus to do this work now". In this case, I
> need to not only review the depmod and modprobe code, I need to add module
> support to the mkroot.sh base kernel config and come up with module tests to run
> under there, which means I need to finish designing and implementing
> scripts/root/tests.
> That's not a "bite the bullet and spend 60 seconds Doing The Thing". That's not
> even "clear half an hour and do some quick minor cleanups". That's "this is all
> you're doing today, maybe tomorrow".
> Rob
No, it just wasn't in the 0.83's status page, so I thought that since 
you were very busy it might have slipped your mind to add it. It 'is / 
will be' one of the justifications for the packages addition to our 
builds replacing hopefully b~, and i suspect as it also allows removal 
of another external package, that a number of others will look at it in 
a similar vein.

Oh, and do you mean you want me to review what you have done towards this?


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