[Aboriginal] ulfs-bootstrap, shrinking LFS.

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 14:43:53 PDT 2011

On Tue, 5 Apr 2011 06:49:48 -0500 Rob Landley <rlandley at parallels.com>

> On 04/05/2011 05:24 AM, David Seikel wrote:
> > The rest of that I'll reply to later, just want to get something
> > off my chest before sleeping.
> > 
> > On Sat, 2 Apr 2011 01:15:17 -0500 Rob Landley
> > <rlandley at parallels.com> wrote:
> > 
> >>>> Readline there's a bsd-licensed replacement I'd prefer to use out
> >>>> of sheer spite for the FSF, and idealy busybox should export that
> >>>> functionality anyway.  
> >>>
> >>> I'd like to look at that readline replacement, though I'd be just
> >>> as happy to not need it for my current project.  
> >>
> >> There's a couple of them, but this one looks reasonable at first
> >> glance:
> >>
> >>   https://github.com/antirez/linenoise
> > 
> > Turns out that lua needs readline.  Lua also needs ncurses.
> I thought it was readline that needed ncurses, but I haven't really
> poked at lua building recently.  (It's on my todo list...)

Yes. readline needs ncurses, but lua needs to link to both libraries to
satisfy the readline requirement.  Looks like they have a switch (sort
of) to turn that off, for those OSes that don't have readline.  Will
be trivial to patch out.

> > BTW, is anyone else on this list, or did you loose them all and I'm
> > the first to find it?  Seems awfully quiet in here.
> The old list went away when impactlinux.com went down, and I lost the
> subscription list when that happened.  I didn't get around to setting
> up a new one again until a month or so back, and I haven't cut a
> release since then so people who only pop up for the releases haven't
> particularly noticed the new list's existence yet. :)

Looks like my comment stirred up some activity.  B-)

> Speaking of which, I got permission to cc one here a couple days ago
> but I don't see it... and it's not in the web archive either.  Great,
> gmail's insane spam filtering strikes again.  Second attempt,
> modifying the message enough that hopefully gmail won't decide it's a
> duplicate...

Actually, both made it through.  Just the gmail auto archive that my
read only / write only hack works around must have ate them while they
tried to make it back to you.

A big old stinking pile of genius that no one wants
coz there are too many silver coated monkeys in the world.
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