[Aboriginal] Weekend work...

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Dec 18 12:53:16 PST 2011

Ok, you saw the sparc thread: that's mostly fixed now.  (The command
line length is still limited on sparc to an amount smaller than
dev-environment.sh needs to pass through, which means the native build
layered on top of that isn't working yet.  This is either a qemu board
emulation limitation or more likely an openbios limitation, but I'm not
holding up the release for it.)

I'm banging on James' baseconfig-busybox now, adding all sorts of stuff
like ifconfig, route, and mountpoint that the boot needs but apparently
aren't in there...?  Plus he's using ash as the busybox shell and I've
been using hush, with lotsa options switched on.  And then I need to
test the LFS build...

Long term, I'd still like to replace busybox with toybox, because I care
about toybox development and don't really care much about busybox
development anymore.  Restricting busybox to the apps we actually use
are a logical step along the way to doing that, so I have a better todo
list and test environment.

Trying to get a release out in the next couple days...


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