[Aboriginal] miniconfig-busybox

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue Dec 6 20:32:05 PST 2011

On 12/05/2011 12:26 PM, Rob Landley wrote:
> I'm working on it.  Just did a blog entry about what record-commands
> says I need for the build.  (Might not get to publishing it until
> tomorrow, needs some cleanup.)
> It boils down to me needing to add this to toybox in order for it to be
> able to replace busybox in aboriginal linux (at least for the i586
> build, I need to check other targets, and I'm not quite sure what LFS
> needs...):
>   awk basename bzip2 chmod chown cmp cut date dd diff dirname
>   egrep env expr find grep gzip head hostname id install ld ln ls
>   mkdir mksquashfs mktemp mv od patch readlink rm sed sh
>   tail tar touch tr uniq wget whoami xargs
> About half of those are low-hanging fruit anyway...

I added the record-commands plumbing to the target, and here's what LFS

ar awk basename bash cat cc chgrp chmod cmp comm cp cpp date diff
dirname echo egrep expr find g++ gcc grep gunzip gzip hostname id
install ld ldconfig less ln logname ls make man mkdir mktemp mt mv nm
objdump od ranlib readlink rm rmdir sed sh size sleep sort split strip
sync tail tar tee test time touch tr true uname uniq wc which

Subtracting the build tools (ar, cc, cpp, g++, gcc, ld, make, nm,
objdump, ranlib, and strip) and the stuff in the first list, we get:

  bash chgrp comm gunzip ldconfig less logname man mt size split sync
  tee test time

(Don't ask me what the "mt" command is doing in there.  There's no
earthly way the build NEEDS it, this is presumably more random
"./configure runs crap".  The "man" command isn't a priority either.
I'm surprised to see bash called out of $PATH instead of via #!/blah.
And test is a shell builtin, more or less.  The rest need doing, though.)

Still, I believe that gives me the list of things I need to make sure
your baseconfig-busybox has, and then I can re-run the build and LFS
builds and see if anything complains.



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