[Aboriginal] Sparc support

chase rayfield cusbrar2 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 20 18:28:51 PST 2011

    Are there any plans to reenable Sparc suport? I noticed it doesn't currently 
build with Aborignal. Sparc with dynamic linking is working on buildroot 
though... so it might be worth a shot especially as it might get used for 
Leon2/3/4 development which is why buildroot is working they recieved some 
patches from the Leon guys that fixed a bunch of stuff. 

I have also noticed that it is rather hard to get a kernel down to 2.4Mb which 
is the max for old sun systems... I'm not sure the binaries are getting stripped 
correctly is there a way to do this before booting on a native system/emulator? 
Or at least  check that it has been stripped.


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