[Aboriginal] Sparc support

Rob Landley rlandley at parallels.com
Sun Feb 20 23:25:39 PST 2011

On 02/20/2011 08:28 PM, chase rayfield wrote:
>     Are there any plans to reenable Sparc suport?

It's on the todo list, it just hadn't been a priority until somebody
expressed an interest.  Now you have. :)

> I noticed it doesn't
> currently build with Aborignal.

Current source control is using unstable repository versions of both
uClibc and Linux, so it doesn't work with much.  (I'm attempting to
wrestle NPTL to the ground, then go back and clean stuff up.  Right now,
the NPTL build doesn't want to work with sjlj exceptions, which is a bug
on their end but I could also just switch to dwarf exceptions and see if
that fixes it.  Presumably all the targets support that now...)

> Sparc with dynamic linking is working on
> buildroot though... so it might be worth a shot especially as it might
> get used for Leon2/3/4 development which is why buildroot is working
> they recieved some patches from the Leon guys that fixed a bunch of stuff.

Cool.  It wasn't working in the last uClibc release, but that was in the
Pleistocene so I'm glad to see this get some attention.

(Getting a new target to work is always a pain: your problem could be
toolchain, libc, kernel, qemu, driver selection, kernel command line.
And getting a target to work after some time away from it, any of those
and more can bit-rot...)

> I have also noticed that it is rather hard to get a kernel down to 2.4Mb
> which is the max for old sun systems... I'm not sure the binaries are
> getting stripped correctly is there a way to do this before booting on a
> native system/emulator? Or at least  check that it has been stripped.

There should be a sparc-strip in the cross and native toolchains.  Try that?




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