[Aboriginal] Prepping for a release.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Jun 11 11:24:40 PDT 2011

Yeah, uClibc-0.9.32 shipped.  I'm still using 0.9.31 because my testing
on -rc3 had lots of problems, and I'm not swapping that this close to a
release, but next time 'round I'll have to use it.

I'm poking at OpenEmbedded because Khem Raj said he had sh4 working with
Linux 2.6.38 under QEMU.  Alas, so far it's just a big pile of packages
for bitbake (yet ANOTHER package repository to go with rpm, dpkg,
portage, and so on).  The "getting started" web page is incomplete.
There's no obvious "build a base sh4 system" switch.  I made a debian
chroot, installed a dozen extra packages into it, downloaded two
different git repositories, made a wrapper script to set environment
variables, and now I'm reading through a config file that's full of
little land mines to ensure the default configuration doesn't work to
require you to read the whole thing...

Might punt fixing sh4 to the next release...

Anyway, the other thing I'd like to get done this time is cleaning up
the sources/targets/$ARCH things so that instead of being a directory,
they're a file.  95% of what they do now is the "settings" file, and the
description file could be a settings entry.  (I need to redo the
snapshot generation logic anyway, although I can do that after the
release.)  So I might as well combine those and promote them up one
level, so the "targets" directory contains one file per target.  Nice
cleanup if I can pull it off.

The real problem though is that right now, you can drop a
miniconfig-linux or miniconfig-uClibc (or miniconfig-alt-linux or
miniconfig-alt-uClibc) file in the arch directory and it'll override the
baseconfig.  Some architectures still haven't been converted to use
baseconfig, and I need to do that, but some things like the hw-targets
aren't _ever_ going to use baseconfig at all, they need to continue to
override this.  And it's a good debugging technique anyway.  So I need
to come up with a new place to PUT these other config/miniconfig files.

I mean really I can just do LINUX_CONFIG="$(cat filename)" in a settings
file, and since it's appended to the baseconfig if it's a full config it
overrides everything in the baseconfig, although I could also do a
LINUX_FULLCONFIG=filename thing too...

But the question is where to _put_ any of those files that I do actually
want to check in.

I suppose step 1 is to deal with the cleanups that are easy to do and
see what's left.  Merge the description files in with the settings
files, convert the remaining arch standalone configs to baseconfigs...

Working on it. :)


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