[Aboriginal] Fail to patch uClibc

Rob Landley rlandley at parallels.com
Wed Mar 2 13:44:49 PST 2011

Sorry for the delay, last Wednesday I got suddenly informed I was going
to Scale in LA over the weekend, where I got Con Crud from which I'm
still recovering.

On 02/27/2011 05:42 PM, Ken Burk wrote:
> Rob,
> I know your busy with your day job so please no rush on this but the
> latest as of today fails to patch uClibc when building the cross
> compiler.My host os is Knoppix 6.4.3 dvd(usb boot) which built
> fd341b09cc27.tar.bz2 without problems as well as your lfs-bootstrap for
> i686 and armv5l (thanks for the lfs it is awesome).I am posting the
> output below from when it started to error.

Current -hg is in flux at the moment because I'm trying to switch to the
NPTL version of uClibc.

It doesn't work.

For that matter, the pthreads stuff doesn't work for half the platforms
in the current -rc, but I've decided that debugging _that_ is a waste of
time because the point of upgrading is to switch to NPTL.  Alas, I
haven't gotten much time to work on it recently (see "Scale", above).

> Ken
> Applying
> /media/sda2/root/tech2k/aboriginal-29e1df07e99a/sources/patches/uClibc-backport-humor-udev.patch
> patching file libc/sysdeps/linux/common/bits/socket.h

That patch is backporting stuff, and now that I've upgraded the uClibc
tarball to -rc2 the change is already in there.  Probably I deleted it
locally out of my patches directory but forgot to commit that.  (I'm
being a bit tentative about ripping up my config for -rc2 in a way that
makes it hard to revert because I would like to do a release this month
and I'm not sure -rc2 is going to be in it.)

You can just delete that patch, but the _bigger_ problem is that
uClibc-rc2 is flaky.  So being able to patch it doesn't guarantee it'll
do anything useful at present.

I should probably just revert the download.sh snippet that's using -rc2
and move back to the last release version, but I've been trying to force
myself to test the current stuff and get it to WORK.  (It's fiddly, in a
bunch of different ways.  Currently I have to switch from sjlj
exceptions to the dwarf stuff because they only implemented support for
one codepath.  Sigh.)


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