[Aboriginal] /bin/sh error compiling distcc

Alan Post alanpost at sunflowerriver.org
Mon Mar 14 06:05:03 PDT 2011

I'm trying to build aboriginal 1.0.1 inside the i486 system image.
The packages download and I get to the next stage, building host

busybox appears to compile fine.  I'm getting the following error
message tryitg to build distcc:

=== Building host-tools
=== distcc (host host-tools)
Snapshot 'distcc'...
configure: WARNING: you should use --build, --host, --target
configure: WARNING: invalid host type: "--with-included-popt--disable-Werror"
checking build system type... Invalid configuration `"--with-included-popt--disable-Werror"': machine `"--with-included-popt--disable' not recognized
configure: error: /bin/bash ./config.sub "--with-included-popt--disable-Werror" failed

Exiting due to errors (host host-tools distcc)

Somewhere in the configure stage for distcc, the two configure options:
'--with-included-popt' and '--disable-Werror' are being joined together.

Going into the host-temp/distcc build directory, I try running the command
by hand.  I get the same error message.  This suggests to me that I
have a bug in /bin/sh in busybox.

If I modify the build script to call "/bin/bash ./configure ..." this problem
goes away.  I can certainly modify the configure line for each
invocation to configure.  Given that the system image is a squashfs,
I can't see any way to change either the /bin/sh symlink or a way to
tell busybox that in should execute /bin/bash when it is invoked as

Have I found the best workaround?  I'd also like to find and fix the
underlying issue; that will require more testing on my part; I want
to be able to compile the whole system first.

.i ma'a lo bradi ku penmi gi'e du

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