[Aboriginal] /bin/sh error compiling distcc

Rob Landley rlandley at parallels.com
Mon Mar 14 21:29:25 PDT 2011

On 03/14/2011 09:01 PM, Alan Post wrote:
> I'd like to add support for a custom busybox .config, rather than
> building always with defconfig.  Is this the sort of thing that
> would be welcome?

I used to use a custom busybox .config, but I poked enough config
changes upstream that I could go with defconfig.

The general design idea of Aboriginal Linux is that we build a native
system, and then you can build anything you like natively.  In busybox,
defconfig is generally "allyesconfig minus the broken stuff like selinux
or debug options that prevent it from building/working on normal
systems", so if that doesn't have everything you need it's a bug in
busybox.  (And yes, hush being crap is a bug in busybox, but a rather
large one that's not easy to fix.)

Note that system-image.sh can produce writeable ext2 filesystems
(SYSIMAGE_TYPE=ext2 in config), but I don't ship prebuilt versoins those
because there are various cans of worms like "when to fsck" and
diagnosing bugs due to people modifying their root filesystem that I
don't want to get into.  (Plus you can mount multiple simultaneous
instances of a read only root filesystem, with different hdb images in
different qemu/kvm invocations.)

But the real deciding factor for not shipping system-image-$ARCH.ext3
tarballs is I made a script to copy the root filesystem into a writeable
chroot under your /home directory (in the /dev/hdb partition).  It's
part of the control-image skeleton code, I suspect I should just copy it
into the root filesystem and have it available as part of th standard
toolkit.  Then if you want to tweak your dev environment in-situ, it's
easy. :)

Sound like a thing?  Then you can build your own busybox on target and
swap it in.  (That's the design idea: get you a generic development
environment on target, then natively fiddle with it all you like.)

I need to do an x.org vnc server setup howto.  (Or a script.  I did it
on the Qualcomm Hexagon a few months ago, before my day job was hunting
the great white NFS containers fix...)



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