[Aboriginal] aboriginal lx questions

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Mar 5 09:03:33 PST 2012

On 03/05/2012 07:30 AM, Darren Mackay wrote:
> I recently found your aboriginal linux build scripts. I have previously
> used buildroot which I found to be bloated for my needs, and yocto, which
> is perhaps too complex also.
> Just wondering what your thoughts are on using earlier kernel versions
> with the current release of aboriginal linux?

Go for it?  It should mostly just work...

Your largest problem is going to be sources/patches/linux-*.patch not

You can delete the three linux-noperl-*.patch files if you export
HOST_EXTRA=perl (or set it in config) to tell the build to use perl out
of the host environment.  (The resulting system won't be able to
entirely rebuild itself under itself unless you first build/install
perl, but I doubt you care.  And if your kernel is before 2.6.25 it
didn't require perl anyway, this is relatively recent brain-damage from
Peter Anvin.)

The rest of the patches are target-specific, and you can probably just
delete them all if your kernel already works for the board you want to
run it on.  (The ones with arm/sh4/mips in the name are obvious. The
pmacorder one is for powerpc. The bootraw one is mips. The ubi one fixes
a 3.2 bug that doesn't apply to earlier kernels anyway...)

Everything else should probably just work for a 2.6 kernel.  Other than
patches in sources/patches not applying, the only version-specific bit
in aboriginal linux is the url in download.sh.  Everything else is as
version-agnostic as I can make it.

For a 2.4 kernel, you won't have "make headers_install".  (Actually
before around 2.6.15 you won't have that.) So you'll need to modify
sources/sections/linux-headers.sh to install your kernel headers instead
of running make headers_install if you go that far back.

Let me know how it goes,


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