[Aboriginal] Aboriginal Linux 1.2.1 is up.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Thu Nov 15 18:11:35 PST 2012

Release notes on the website, as usual.

This version is actually using toybox, and has the upgraded binutils  
that can build musl. (Still GPLv2, fished out of the git repository.)  
It's not using musl yet, but that's the next goal. (The big pushes  
moving forward are toybox and musl.)

Powerpc is broken, I need to go find out why.  Possibly cut a 1.2.2  
even before linux 3.7 comes out, but I note that linux 3.7 is pretty  
close and I'll probably be cutting a release much sooner after that  
comes out anyway.

I just fixed the screenshots directory after who knows how long. I may  
take a look at upgrading Linux From Scratch too. I'm pondering putting  
http://ph7.symisc.net in static-tools.


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