[Aboriginal] Build from version control system repos instead of from tarballs

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 01:32:59 PDT 2012

On Mon, 29 Oct 2012 21:36:17 -0500 Rob Landley <rob at landley.net> wrote:

> On 09/04/2012 03:49:07 AM, Alessio Igor Bogani wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > 
> > Can Aboriginal grabs sources from git(Linux, musl, uclibc, busybox)
> > and hg(toybox) repos instead of from tarballs?
> > Thanks!
> I think I already replied to this? Talking about using the alt-  
> infrastructure and populating the package cache from the git repo,
> and how the tricky bit at the design level is applying patches to the
> repo? (Really you need a source control branch with the appropriate  
> patches...)
> I have a todo item to figure out a clean way to do this.
> Hmmm...
> Really what I want to do is say "URL=git://busybox.net/busybox" in  
> download.sh, have that clone the relevant repo under packages (so  
> packages/busybox would be a directory), and then just use that as
> the package cache version.
> The question is, when do I re-pull?  (Every time you run download.sh?)

I guess there are two cases.  You are pulling from a source repo, and
you just want the latest head.  Or you want a specific revision.  I
would suggest the addition of a "REV=foobar".  In it's absence, just
pull on every run, to get the latest head.  With that variable, treat
git like a tarball that can be cached, pull once, keep it cached for
ever more.

Under the "just pull the latest" scenario, the sha1 is meaningless, put
under the "pull a specific revision" scenario, the sha1 should be for
the entire directory pulled.  Though in the case of git, the revision
"number" IS part or all of an sha1 for the directory.  So perhaps for
git REV would equal SHA1 anyway, but not all source code repo software
does that.  So if you want something more generic, keep REV and SHA1
different beasts.

Just my two cents before I actually wake up properly.

A big old stinking pile of genius that no one wants
coz there are too many silver coated monkeys in the world.
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