[Aboriginal] armv4tl floating exception message in guest

mobi phil mobi at mobiphil.com
Wed Apr 3 05:07:38 PDT 2013


> I have not tracked the origin of this "error", either, but; a possible
> workaround is :
> ls -l
> Looks like "wide" result printing is somewhat FUBAR.
> If I had to guess, I'd say some where in the printf "chain" a division is
> being made and there is no "floating point" support.

Indeed, "ls -l" works. It gave me a bit the "showstopper" impression.
I think what lot of people do, once inside the qemu machine, is ls.

At this stage, without a debugger, and without symbols is difficult to
help to give more feedback. (would not make sense to have some tools
like strace, gdb in the snandard system started by
dev-environment-sh?). It seems for me that it would fit into the
philosophy of aboriginal/toybox to have basic investigation tool to be
able to report bugs, etc. Also a non-stripped version of toybox would
be probably helpfull to help to fix bugs. (or there is no one? ;) ).
Or? How would you proceed to have the fastest way to find out the
answer to "why" (floating point exceptino) in this case

To check basic floating point health I compiled and run:
 #include <stdio.h>

 int main(void)
        float x = 23.2343, y = 44234.243;
        if(x < y)
           printf("%f\n", x/y);
        return 0;

Does anybody have a debugger compatible with the latest armv4tl system?



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