[Aboriginal] armv4tl floating exception message in guest

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Apr 3 05:13:16 PDT 2013

On 04/02/2013 11:04:00 AM, mobi phil wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> Thanks for creating aboriginal and all the related work.
> Heard about it as I was looking for a way to bootstrap funtoo
> installation for arm based machines.
> however inside system-image-armv4tl, I get on "ls" command "Floating
> point exception".

I am, as I type this, uploading a new release. :)

The bug was that the toybox upgrade made -C (column view) the default,  
but if your tty has no defined size (which /dev/console pointing to a  
serial console won't), then it sees a size of 0 and column view had a  
division by zero error trying to figure out where to place the columns.

Should be fixed in the new release.

> Have an AMD 8 core machine with ubuntu 12.04 with  QEMU emulator
> version 1.0.50 (Debian 1.0.50-2012.03-0ubuntu2.1), Copyright (c)
> 2003-2008 Fabrice Bellard
> this error seems to be a showstopper for me... any hints?

Try the new version. Or do "ls -l" or similar in the old one (anything  
but column view).

> (BTW.. do not give up with your project TCC!  ;) )

I intend to restart qcc after toybox 1.0 is ready.



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