[Aboriginal] extending aboriginal -concept idea

scsijon scsijon at lamiaworks.com.au
Tue Jun 25 17:53:19 PDT 2013

Firstly, may I say I love it and are playing with a couple of basic 
builds at present to get the feeling of what it can do. I am considering 
using it for the basis of a wayland build or even a small multi-server 

However, I was wondering if there was the ability of extending what 
packages were in a build by using an additional script. Such as, if 
(1)it exists it's added; or (2) by also adding an extra build switch to 
(1) to include it and without the switch it's not.

concept is something like:
for 1- if a builder added to the aboriginal default (location where 
./build.sh exists) a script called additional.sh its content would be 
added into the standard build.

I'm not at this point considering what it should or should not contain 
and what it's structure should be, but something like this for each 
additional package may be sufficient.

source url (complete)
error checking for missing pre-requisite packages
compile scripts (unpack; ./configure;make;make install)

for 2- including 1- but also adding to your build script something like

  ./build.sh i486 additional

to include both the default set AND the additional set

if you only use ./build.sh i486

then it would build without the content of the additional.sh packages

In all cases it would be up to the builder to populate this file and 
handle any problems associated with it.

I'm not sure how much work or changes would be needed to the existing 
scripts, but I see it as a way of extending aboriginals functionality 
and thus the community using it.


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