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Tue Jun 25 18:26:34 PDT 2013

On Wed, 26 Jun 2013 10:53:19 +1000 scsijon <scsijon at lamiaworks.com.au>

> Firstly, may I say I love it and are playing with a couple of basic 
> builds at present to get the feeling of what it can do. I am
> considering using it for the basis of a wayland build or even a small
> multi-server system.
> However, I was wondering if there was the ability of extending what 
> packages were in a build by using an additional script. Such as, if 
> (1)it exists it's added; or (2) by also adding an extra build switch
> to (1) to include it and without the switch it's not.
> concept is something like:
> ---
> for 1- if a builder added to the aboriginal default (location where 
> ./build.sh exists) a script called additional.sh its content would be 
> added into the standard build.
> I'm not at this point considering what it should or should not
> contain and what it's structure should be, but something like this
> for each additional package may be sufficient.
> name
> source url (complete)
> hash
> error checking for missing pre-requisite packages
> compile scripts (unpack; ./configure;make;make install)
> for 2- including 1- but also adding to your build script something
> like
>   ./build.sh i486 additional
> to include both the default set AND the additional set
> if you only use ./build.sh i486
> then it would build without the content of the additional.sh packages
> ---
> In all cases it would be up to the builder to populate this file and 
> handle any problems associated with it.
> I'm not sure how much work or changes would be needed to the existing 
> scripts, but I see it as a way of extending aboriginals functionality 
> and thus the community using it.

This is what control images are for.


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