[Aboriginal] package building problems

scsijon scsijon at lamiaworks.com.au
Fri Jun 28 18:18:33 PDT 2013

with aboriginal-84bd3248fad8:

We have had a problem or two attempting to build a few packages, it was 
found that adding "UCLIBC_HAS_GETPT=y" to sources/baseconfig-uClibc has 
solved some of them such as rxvt.

On the other hand we seem to have a few expected /include '.h' files 
missing that are normally used for building with after building the new 
aboriginal to 'play with'. Such as libc.h, sys/byteorder.h, 
sys/strredir.h, sys/sockio.h, sys/sockio.h, sys/stropts.h. I was 
wondering if this is deliberate or just not used.


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