[Aboriginal] Towards a release.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Mar 11 03:49:58 PDT 2013

Got a weekend to myself, catching up on todo items.

The powerpc native build failure was another cp corner case, because  
O_NOFOLLOW varies per target. I was doing an #ifndef and #define for it  
in portability.h because uClibc is buggy and thinks that a Posix 2008  
feature is a GNU extension, in the most rercent release as of 2013.  
(I.E. define GNU_DAMMIT to get a Posix "shall define" symbol. Did I  
mention feature test macros are evil? Yeah, move to musl, bump that up  
a bit on the todo list...) So I patched the local copy of uClibc and  
took the portability.h stanza out of toybox (the build can break if  
your build environment is broken).

The arm versatile problem is that IRQ 27 for the scsi controller is  
relative to the start of the interrupt controller range, and the kernel  
changed the first interrupt on that controller to be 32. So if I add 32  
to the 27 in the driver's irq request, it boots to a shell prompt. (The  
network card is still broken because it needs the adjustment too.)

I think this is a kernel bug and that _it_ should be adding this, but I  
have yet to figure out where. Working through the dump_stack()...


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