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Isaac Dunham idunham at lavabit.com
Wed Mar 13 22:52:15 PDT 2013

On Wed, 13 Mar 2013 13:30:23 -0700
aboriginal-request at lists.landley.net wrote:

> > If  someone can enlighten me, it'll be good. ( I
> > was earlier on arch but it got
> >      affected by a wontfix bug named systemd )
> Alas.
> I need to do init in toybox, which means I need to read openrc and  
> upstart and runit and android's init and figure out what init should  
> _look_ like these days.

Note that openrc is not a full init.
It's a (BSD-licensed) replacement for the extra scripts that come with sysvinit, modified to be more robust and work somewhat more widely (ie, can be used with bsd init, sysvinit, or--patched--with busybox init).
You might just want to make an init that can be used by itself or have openrc added on.  
..Unless you want to replace the rc scripts yourself.
They say their goal is to be platform agnostic (it's C and posix sh), so I expect that if someone sent patches improving compatability with toybox they'd accept them.

OT: After 3.9-rc2 came out I looked at torvald's git tree, and it seems that one script switched to bc but the other two are still perl. :(

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