[Aboriginal] Aboriginal Digest, Vol 26, Issue 4

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Mar 17 08:24:15 PDT 2013

On 03/14/2013 12:52:15 AM, Isaac Dunham wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Mar 2013 13:30:23 -0700
> aboriginal-request at lists.landley.net wrote:
> >
> > > If  someone can enlighten me, it'll be good. ( I
> > > was earlier on arch but it got
> > >      affected by a wontfix bug named systemd )
> >
> > Alas.
> >
> > I need to do init in toybox, which means I need to read openrc and
> > upstart and runit and android's init and figure out what init should
> > _look_ like these days.
> Note that openrc is not a full init.

Android's init would be my obvious model _except_ that it parses config  
files that look like a shell script but aren't. This tempts people to  
add shell script snippets in there, which don't work.

> It's a (BSD-licensed) replacement for the extra scripts that come  
> with sysvinit,
> modified to be more robust and work somewhat more widely (ie, can be  
> used with bsd
> init, sysvinit, or--patched--with busybox init).

The openrc stuff gets patched, or busybox gets patched?

I could write a replacement for busybox init in a weekend. I actually  
_did_ back in 2005 but it got lost in a laptop crash.

> You might just want to make an init that can be used by itself or  
> have openrc
> added on. ..Unless you want to replace the rc scripts yourself.

Replacing the scripts is not my goal. Satisfying the use cases that led  
to upstart and android init _and_ being reasonably compatible with  
sysvinit is.

> They say their goal is to be platform agnostic (it's C and posix sh),  
> so I expect
> that if someone sent patches improving compatability with toybox  
> they'd accept them.

I need to sit down and study what everybody else did, to work out why  
they did it. This is a largeish project I haven't started yet because I  
have too many other open cans of worms to deal with at the moment. :)

> OT: After 3.9-rc2 came out I looked at torvald's git tree, and it  
> seems that one
> script switched to bc but the other two are still perl. :(

One script is in Andrew's tree, the other is in the kbuild tree I  
think. It looks like 3.10 is when they go upstream.

I should check linux-next and see if they're in there yet...


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