[Aboriginal] LFS 7.3 untested

Prasanna Balan prazzb at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 09:04:35 PDT 2013

On 13/03/13, Rob Landley wrote:
> QEMU's use flags for building it via emerge? Good luck. I just clone  
> the git repo (or download the release tarball) and do:

I did get it to work. Apparently, you need to enable both softmmu and
user target for each architecture.
My problem now is that i have core2duo with 2 GB ram so testing every
architecture becomes too much. I'm testing it at present for x86_64

And yes, it breaks at  gmp because it needs m4. Need to work on it
now changing configure options.

> In _theory_ now that uClibc is using TLS, glibc should build just fine.  
> I admit I haven't tried it in some time...

Just add it to aboriginal and a lot of packages could be tested. Lots
of packages in  the 6.8 LFS version had disable-tls in their

> Rob



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