[Aboriginal] status report llvm on aboriginal

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Nov 27 19:53:41 PST 2013

On 11/09/2013 03:47:15 AM, Alain Toussaint wrote:
> Hello,

Catching up on email! Slowly but... slowly.

> Tonight, I spent a few hours working on trying to compile git and  
> cmake
> inside a x86_64 root image build from mercurial version of aboriginal  
> but
> they both fail.

I've built git under aboriginal before...


(And the git guys later said that ./configure is just a wrapper for  
windows builds, and I should just supply the make variables for all my  
options. Either way, worked for me.)

Haven't tried cmake. I vaguely recall that's python? I've bulit python  
before, back when I was trying to build gentoo...


Looks like it's just ./configure; make; make install and it's done  
after zlib and ncurses (the mnt/package-list file controls the order of  
builds and the mnt/build directory contains each package's build  

Neither are hugely current, but they worked at one point...

> For git, I'm not able to compile out support for libiconv
> (even specifying -without-libiconv does not cut it as it want to  
> include
> iconv support upon enabling the switch).

Which is why I had to bypass the ./configure and specify that variable  
by hand on the make command line.

> For cmake, I think it work on
> LightCube-OS because lightcube include libstdc++ while aboriginal uses
> uClibc++ (and I've thought at working the requirement of including  
> libc++
> support in aboriginal but I fear this may be a chicken-eggs problem).

I very, very vaguely remember a mention of a cmake bug with libuClibc++.

I've been meaning to try llvm's libc++ at some point. Needing it as a  
chicken and egg problem sounds unhappy, though...

The problem with libstdc++ is that it's part of the gcc source. It's  
not a standalone package. And it does NOT like to cross-compile, nor is  
it really happy building against anything except glibc. (I've fought  
against it before. Not recently, but it was annoying at the time...)

> I'll continue hacking llvm/clang on it (during the rest of the night)  
> but
> will use tarballs as opposed to git.

What do you need cmake for? (The llvm build?)


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