[Aboriginal] Cutting releases.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Thu Sep 12 09:26:40 PDT 2013

I spent this morning (thursday the 12th) cutting a toybox and an  
aboriginal linux release, but it probably wont' get uploaded until  
tuesday due to Ohio Linuxfest.

All the targets built fine (using the new grep and unmount even), and  
built dropbear and strace, and one of them built the whole of linux  
from scratch 6.8. But the qemu guys broke the mips networking (1.5.0  
works, 1.6.0 does not), and I wasted enough time bisecting it that I  
had to leave for the airport before writing up proper release notes.  
(Giving a talk saturday, might even be recorded). I'm taking the  
netbook with me, not the big laptop I built all the targets on, so I  
can't finish it on the way and upload it there.

Now grinding through the ~5000 back emails in my inbox, queueing up  
replies (like this one) to go out next time there's net that isn't  
strange about port 25...


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