[Aboriginal] building Chromium OS images on aboriginal

Alain Toussaint alain.toussaint at securivm.ca
Mon Sep 9 19:21:28 PDT 2013

> Install aboriginal, yes. (It's just extracting a tarball.)
> Then building chromium under the result: I don't know? Can you build chromium
> under Linux From Scratch? Because you can build linux from scratch under
> aboriginal, I even have an automated build control image to do it:

I suspect there would be no problems at all to build Chromium OS (hereafter Chr.OS) under LFS. The worst that can happen is if Chr.OS' cros_sdk command call chroot with argument not supported by LFS chroot (or the aboriginal one if I decide to test it under aboriginal).

>  http://landley.net/aboriginal/control-images
> So you can bootstrap your way up to an arbitrarily more complex environment
> starting from the aboriginal linux root filesystem. Building distros is hard
> because they all assume they're building under themselves (even gentoo), but
> if you can work out how to build chromium under LFS and document it I'd love
> to make an automated control image to do that, and then regression test it
> with each new release. :)

I can't make promises right now because of my school load (I'm doing a certificate in canadian law to joint to my neuroscience unfinished bachelor and next year, I'll be starting a nursing course) but I can dedicate both my zacate box for that and a day of hacking to that goal (probably Sunday) along with 30 minutes here and there over the rest of the week 

> The above LFS is 6.8 and I'm updating to 7.4 as we speak. (This is delaying
> the new release a bit, current source control includes the 3.11 kernel and
> builds fine but I'm trying to get a new toybox release in there and LFS 7.4
> too.) So those package versions might be a bit stale, but should still work.
> Rob

For the moment, I'll do a quick test of Chr.OS on aboriginal and see what barf and later on, I'll build LFS. Sound like a good plan?


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