[Aboriginal] building Chromium OS images on aboriginal

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Sep 9 03:18:55 PDT 2013

On 09/08/2013 09:24:28 PM, Alain Toussaint wrote:
> Hello :)
> I have my previous computer, an AMD zacate E-350 box with 8GB of ram
> (plenty overkill for aboriginal) and a 500GB hard drive which will
> serve as netatalk box to 3 mac laptop and will also be used for some
> development tasks which I hope to use GNUstep along Xcode on my mac
> and finally, building the occasional Chromium OS image for my  
> brother's
> netbook. As far as Chromium goes, it build in a chroot and is self
> contained with actually, a Gentoo development environment and it only
> need sudo and chroot from the host system.
> At the moment, the computer is getting its disk wiped out with dd from
> a gentoo minimal disk and I thought I'd use the root filesystem  
> offered
> on the landley.net website and build a kernel and lilo (along with its
> dependancy, grub is too finicky and I'm old school) to have a basic  
> system.


> Given Chromium OS dependancies, will I be able to install aboriginal  
> on
> my system? I foresee only installing ncurses to have menu when  
> building
> the linux kernel.

Install aboriginal, yes. (It's just extracting a tarball.)

Then building chromium under the result: I don't know? Can you build  
under Linux From Scratch? Because you can build linux from scratch under
aboriginal, I even have an automated build control image to do it:


So you can bootstrap your way up to an arbitrarily more complex  
starting from the aboriginal linux root filesystem. Building distros is  
because they all assume they're building under themselves (even  
gentoo), but
if you can work out how to build chromium under LFS and document it I'd  
to make an automated control image to do that, and then regression test  
with each new release. :)

The above LFS is 6.8 and I'm updating to 7.4 as we speak. (This is  
the new release a bit, current source control includes the 3.11 kernel  
builds fine but I'm trying to get a new toybox release in there and LFS  
too.) So those package versions might be a bit stale, but should still  



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