[Aboriginal] Hello world.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Jul 30 20:03:06 PDT 2014

Sorry for the radio silence. My house got flooded a couple weeks ago (7
inches of rain in a 4 hour period). I mentioned that on the toybox list,
but not here.

After several days of ripping out carpet and deploying some very
expensive disaster recovery equipement to dry the place out, we
_finally_ dug through the boxes enough to unpack the power supply for
the machine with the email filters on it. Currently downloading and
reading through a backlog of somewhere over 4000 messages. (This is just
a lull, today we ordered 4 rooms of new floor tile, and people show up
to install that in the next day or two. Most stuff stays in boxes until

I did some toybox work during all this on my netbook, but almost no
aboriginal work. Next kernel release is almost out. I think I've missed
one. I need to do more toolchain work to make dynamic linked musl work,
and I haven't had a chance to _look_ at that recently, so most likely
the next release will still default to uClibc but will give you the
ability to build with musl if you select it in the config.


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