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stephen Turner stephen.n.turner at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 13:29:58 PST 2014

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 3:10 PM, Rob Landley <rob at landley.net> wrote:

> On 11/06/14 10:19, stephen Turner wrote:
> > I just need a Crutch to get me through till Toybox is finished.
> If you do this in the aboriginal source:
>   sed '/toybox/,$d' sources/baseconfig-busybox
> That's the busybox miniconfig it's building. The full file is all the
> things you need to switch on to build Linux From Scratch (and have a few
> niceties like "top"). The stuff after the "toybox" comment is the stuff
> that toybox already replaces.

Nice, and throw in a diff and you would have exactly what you need to turn
on in busybox :-p

> Each release I update the countdown of remaining commands in
> http://landley.net/toybox/roadmap.html#dev_env
Yup, i check this fairly regularly :)

> > Busybox is a easy and obvious choice
> Oh sure, that's why I'm still using it as I replace stuff in aboriginal.
> > but caught me by surprise when i received
> > the awk error. I'm glad the latest version fixes it so i can just
> > manually fetch the latest busybox.
> >
> > You still do some work for busybox then or just maintain the latest
> folder?
> Pretty much neither at this point. There was this guy named Bruce
> trolling the list about license issues while taking credit for my work,
> so I wandered off to do other things...
> Rob
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