[Aboriginal] busybox awk

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Thu Nov 6 12:10:34 PST 2014

On 11/06/14 10:19, stephen Turner wrote:
> I just need a Crutch to get me through till Toybox is finished.

If you do this in the aboriginal source:

  sed '/toybox/,$d' sources/baseconfig-busybox

That's the busybox miniconfig it's building. The full file is all the
things you need to switch on to build Linux From Scratch (and have a few
niceties like "top"). The stuff after the "toybox" comment is the stuff
that toybox already replaces.

Each release I update the countdown of remaining commands in

> Busybox is a easy and obvious choice

Oh sure, that's why I'm still using it as I replace stuff in aboriginal.

> but caught me by surprise when i received
> the awk error. I'm glad the latest version fixes it so i can just
> manually fetch the latest busybox.
> You still do some work for busybox then or just maintain the latest folder?

Pretty much neither at this point. There was this guy named Bruce
trolling the list about license issues while taking credit for my work,
so I wandered off to do other things...



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