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stephen Turner stephen.n.turner at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 10:18:20 PDT 2014

one reason im curious about your qcc project is I feel gcc has gown beyond
its scope. this may not actually be the case however i feel GCC should only
be a c and c++ compiler (Its variants like obj c is acceptable in my mind)
and i would very much like to see someone not only rebuild GCC and scale it
back to the C,C++ family of code but also change the licensing as I have
grown rather un-fond of anything free-software-foundation affiliated after
the busybox scandals.

I actually would like to see more projects take your licensing mentality
with toybox, while yes commercial products would be created from it and
resold you would also receive support from some as well who had that vested
interest in seeing it succeed.

For a moment i looked at the BSD kernel and line of code but my experiences
with BSD were not happy ones as it frequently corrupted the file system and
felt more like open source windows then locked down unix to me.

For a compiler I considered clang but it uses too much code and programs
and seems to be a more bloated gcc with a better license.

Am i missing a nice project in regards to replacing gnu make, gcc, and
binutils? Im also interested in a diet linux kernel if anyone has heard or
seen such a thing. (not counting the 2.6 series)

Thanks all,
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