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scsijon scsijon at lamiaworks.com.au
Wed Oct 8 03:23:28 PDT 2014

T2 is a linux called T2 for take2 or try 2, it's a early ROCK Linux 
offshoot which was itself an offshoot from LFS as I understand it. T2 
has been around for quite a number of years now, url for everything is 
via t2-project.org and the origonal Puppy Linux's came from it. I'm in 
the early stages of working on a new t2 puppy called t290 which stands 
for t2 trunk 9.0 since Barry Kauler has really retired and I don't want 
to take over his puppy 'names'. My only warning is it's close to 
bleeding edge. It's also downloadable via svn so it's easy to setup and 

Building is done in up to 9 toolchain layers for all their platforms / 
packages and it is designed and seems to work happily and to be able to 
cross-build from any to any. Rene has quite a pile of info and most is 
available, he's also a nice guy and answers silly questions sensably, 
but you may be told to rt*m as he expects you to at least have done that 
first. Layer 9 rebuilds everything in the final format and unless you 
are pendantic it is unnecessary as it's all built and assembled before 
that once anyway.

Most of it's actually in scripts, so it's all legable as long as you can 
understand scripting (:-) and I do think you of all people do :-)) and 
that's why I thought it might give you some ideas from a different 

regards to all

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Subject: toolchains
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2014 13:53:04 +1100
From: scsijon <scsijon at lamiaworks.com.au>
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> Also, I might want to make an external toolchain building project that
> does newer toolchains. I wouldn't distribute binaries of those (GPLv3 is
> a proprietary license I don't want to get on me) but buildroot
> deprecated and _removed_ its native toolchain code, and crosstool-ng
> apparently decided not to go there, and aboriginal needs BOTH cross and
> native toolchains to do its thing, so...

might be worth having a quick look at how T2 does theirs in building T2
then, as they can go down 9 layers (although usually only 5 or 7 are
needed) of toolchain to do both.


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