[Aboriginal] static compiles

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Oct 17 13:14:38 PDT 2014

Your message to held for approval and the administrative web ui isn't
any faster than the darn web archive. (I submitted a ticket to dreamhost
about this but a tech poked it to make it work and then a different tech
said "delay? what delay" and closed the ticket. Sigh. Gotta do it again
I suppose...)

> Hello List!
> I've been trying for weeks to get a working static compile of samba3 for arm.
>  I have failed with a cross-compiler (sourcery toolchain) and tonight

I built samba natively once upon a time (2006) following the "beyond
linux from scratch" instructions. I could try again...

>  Posting to the samba listservs offers zero help. I end up with
dynamically linked
> code every time. Has anyone here successfully built and deployed a
static build of
> samba3?

Hmmm, don't think I tried static, but there is one easy way to force
static building: delete the shared libraries from the toolchain's search
directories. :)

(Aboriginal is mostly statically linked, it doesn't actualy use the
dynamic libraries to run the command line or the compiler, theyr'e just
there to build new things that link against 'em. Delete the *.so and
keep the *.a and if samba breaks, we'll have learned something...)

I can take a swing at it if you'd like?

> Thanks in advance!


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