[Aboriginal] static compiles

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Oct 17 15:52:05 PDT 2014

On 10/17/14 16:46, Jed Evnull wrote:
> That was my fault really. I submitted my post from the wrong email addy.
> If you'd like to give it a shot please do.  Hopefully you'll succeed and
> I'll learn something :)
> BTW,  this (aboriginal) is a pretty cool tool. I'm glad I discovered it,
> I think it will make my life a bit easier, even beyond damn samba.

Thanks. I haven't been promoting it for a couple years because it's more
or less done and it works. (Ever since the 1.0 release it does what it
says on the tin: rebuilds itself under itself and build linux from
scratch natively.)

I'm slowly replacing busybox with toybox, and replacing uclibc with
musl-libc, and when both are done I suppose that'll be 2.0. I'm also
chipping away at moving the simple-root-filesystem into initramfs and
making the native-compiler live in /dev/hda and be spliced into the root
filesystem by the init script (with bind mounts and symlinks), but I
haven't worked out quite how I want that to look design-wise yet.

The Linux From Scratch automated build control image I have
(http://ladnley.net/aboriginal/control-images) is 6.8, I should upgrade
that to at least 7.4. It's on the todo list. :)

But most of my development effort right now is going into toybox.
Aboriginal still uses the following busybox commands that aren't in
toybox defconfig:

awk bzip2 dd diff expr fdisk ftpd ftpget ftpput gzip less man pgrep ping
pkill ps route sed sh sha512sum tar test tr unxz vi wget xzcat

It's not a huge list, but some of 'em (awk, sh, vi) are kinda fairly
large todo items...


P.S. I met a samba dev at Texas LinuxFest who said that implementing a
mini samba server in toybox, just using the newest iteration of the spec
with case sensitive posix semantics, wouldn't be that hard.

Alas, he meant not hard for _him_. When I sent a follow-up email he
pointed me at:


Which has yet to be enlightening...


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