[Aboriginal] 1.2.8 release.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue Sep 9 06:21:00 PDT 2014

Uploading as we speak, release notes on the main/news page.

This has musl support in the build scripts, but I still need to fix
-Bsymbolic-functions in the linker so for the moment the prebuilt
binaries are still all uClibc. (Musl static linking should work, dynamic
linking may sort of work depending on what you're linking and what
target. The failure mode should be build break rather than runtime, so
it's not exactly subtle.)

This is an interim release to get the new infrastructure regression
tested (it built Linux From Scratch for i686, grinding through the other
targets in progress but that means the new ccwrap.c implementation
basically works). This uses the 2.15 kernel and no other package
upgrades, next release should have the 2.16 kernel and a toybox upgrade.

I've stopped bothering to upgrade busybox because when testing against
the upcoming toybox release we're down to using this from busybox:

  [, [[, ash, awk, bunzip2, bzcat, bzip2, dd, diff, expr, fdisk, ftpd,
  ftpget, ftpput, gunzip, gzip, less, man, pgrep, ping, pkill, ps,
  route, sed, sh, sha512sum, tar, test, tr, unxz, vi, wget, xzcat, zcat

Half of that I've got implementations in toys/pending awaiting cleanup.
Three of those commands are aliases for "test", and I've already got
things like gunzip promoted but can't switch over to them until I switch
over tar (in pending)... easiest to just focus on toybox from here on out.

So yeah, toybox and musl. Light at the end of the tunnel. Once I've got
both of those in, I open the can of worms that is "new toolchain".
(Amused by http://marc.info/?l=pcc-list&m=141020111215576&w=2 but
there's no real license on cfront and we still need a linker, which
currently means http://lld.llvm.org which http://ellcc.org hasn't made
work yet. For qcc I want to rip the linker out of tinycc, but by the
time I get any real work put in on that will it still be relevant...?)

If crosstool-ng or buildroot or code sourcery or somebody just put out
_native_ toolchain binaries, life would be so much easier. But no, they
just do cross compilers, no native compilers. Sigh...

Anyway, have fun. Might do this again next week.


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