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stephen Turner stephen.n.turner at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 17:40:42 PDT 2014

> > Since you bring it up, I ran into this issue just yesterday with the rm
> > dir bug. I'm using the static linked busybox and toybox binaries
(toybox as
> > the primary, busybox for everything else) in a chroot environment with
> > libs and standard 3.16 kernel headers (with musl headers) if that helps
> > with the issue at all.  if there is anything i can do to narrow it down
> > me know.
> It's that faccessat() says (in the man page) that I can feed in
> AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW and it works fine (albeit "is ignored") on glibc
> and uclibc, but in musl they explicitly check for unknown flags and
> return -EINVAL. To clarify: this owrks on _klibc_ but not in musl
> because the maintainer went out of his way to break it. And when I
> called him on it he said the man page should be changed to match his
> opinion.
> The fix I coded up that evening boiled down to adding a stanza to
> portability.h something like:
> #ifdef __MUSL__
> // Long explanation of why musl is wrong.
> #include <someheader.h>
> #define faccessat(A, B, C, D) faccessat(A, B, C, 0)
> #endif
> And then doing an echo "#define __MUSL__" to the end of features.h
> during the musl build in aboriginal. But I didn't check it in, and

I was using the static compiled binary from your site when I had this
issue. Are you sure its musl lib? Is that what your building toybox against

> since then he's posted to the toybox list. (Which you'd never know
> because the web archive only updates like twice a week, I need to poke
> dreamhost about that but @dreamhostcares on twitter just says to use
> the web interface to open a ticket. It's on the todo list...)
> > Is the regex file the patch for grep -e?
> Yes. Internally grep is doing "REGEX1\|REGEX2\|REGEX3" to glue 'em
> together, and tre only supported | in extended regex mode, not as an
> escape in normal regex. So I fixed that.
> (I'll think about writing entirely posix compliant toybox code when
> somebody can tell me how to implement ps or losetup that way. Until
> then, linux has man pages that say we can do things, and I believe
> them.)
> Rob

Should I be applying this patch to gcc, musl, or toybox?
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