[Aboriginal] aboriginal linux

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Sep 26 18:26:05 PDT 2014

On 09/26/14 19:40, stephen Turner wrote:
>> The fix I coded up that evening boiled down to adding a stanza to
>> portability.h something like:
>> #ifdef __MUSL__
>> // Long explanation of why musl is wrong.
>> #include <someheader.h>
>> #define faccessat(A, B, C, D) faccessat(A, B, C, 0)
>> #endif
>> And then doing an echo "#define __MUSL__" to the end of features.h
>> during the musl build in aboriginal. But I didn't check it in, and
> I was using the static compiled binary from your site when I had this
> issue. Are you sure its musl lib? Is that what your building toybox
> against currently?

Yup, the 0.4.9 binaries were compiled against musl. (I did test them
against musl, but obviously not thoroughly enough.)

Next release should have it fixed.

>> > Is the regex file the patch for grep -e?
>> Yes. Internally grep is doing "REGEX1\|REGEX2\|REGEX3" to glue 'em
>> together, and tre only supported | in extended regex mode, not as an
>> escape in normal regex. So I fixed that.
>> (I'll think about writing entirely posix compliant toybox code when
>> somebody can tell me how to implement ps or losetup that way. Until
>> then, linux has man pages that say we can do things, and I believe
>> them.)
>> Rob
> Should I be applying this patch to gcc, musl, or toybox?

The regex patch is against musl.



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