[Aboriginal] simple-root-filesystem now lives in initramfs (which is actually initmpfs).

David Halls dahalls at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 16:04:58 PDT 2015

I see this is in 1.4.0 now, right? I'd still like the root fs to be
read-only so I can be sure I'm only installing into /home when building
heddle. Can I remount / as read-only? I guess I could always go back to the
old way and append the root fs into the hda sqf.
Thanks for Aboriginal, it's really cool. I managed to build right up to
Docker and Capstan and do some stuff around atomic updates using kexec.
https://github.com/davedoesdev/heddle - was about to start writing docs but
then saw 1.4.0 so that will keep me busy for a while.
Maybe you'll be interested too that I made a project to get Aboriginal
building on Travis CI:
I also used CircleCI to get public builds of heddle using Aboriginal -
artifacts here:
and build logs here: https://circleci.com/gh/davedoesdev/heddle
Probably not of interest but I thought I'd point you to it anway :-)

On 7 February 2015 at 19:41, Rob Landley <rob at landley.net> wrote:

> Largeish change I've been working on for months just went into the repo,
> it's been blocking everything else until it was done.
> What we _were_ doing was combining simple-root-filesystem.sh output with
> nativecompiler.sh output at build time, via the "root-filesystem.sh
> script" that basically did cp -a of the second over the first with some
> minor fixups.
> Now the simple-root-filesystem.sh gets packaged into a cpio.gz archive
> and fed to qemu via -initrd, and the native-compiler.sh is the /dev/hda
> and the two are spliced together at runtime by sbin/init.sh doing a
> "cp -rs /usr/hda/. /" (I.E. put symlinks in the initramfs pointing into
> the toolchain filesystem).
> In the new setup, the new runtime "run-emulator.sh" script doesn't feed
> in /dev/hda so you _just_ get the initramfs with simple-root-filesystem.
> Then dev-environment.sh feeds in both /dev/hda with the toolchain and
> /dev/hdb to mount on /home.
> This means there's no more NO_NATIVE_COMPILER control knob: if you want
> a filesystem without the native compiler run root-filesystem.sh instead
> of dev-environment.sh. I also took away ROOT_NODIRS which was a thing
> for linux from scratch chapter 5 that lfs-bootstrap.hdc never actually
> used. (It basically made aboriginal's file layout look like the /tools
> directory of linux from scratch's intermediate stage. More confusing
> than useful; now the behavior's consistent.)
> There's still some debris and breakage (the cp -s is saying a couple
> files conflict, both have a /bin/sh for example), and lfs-bootstrap
> build is breaking because something can't find gmp.h (no idea what's up
> with that, have to track it down). But the basics are working again.
> Sorry for the radio silence, that wasn't something I could do halfway
> and stop without needing to start over when I tried again...
> Rob
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