[Aboriginal] grep segv in Aboriginal

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri Mar 27 13:20:05 PDT 2015

On 01/29/2015 01:53 AM, David Halls wrote:
> Hi-
> toybox grep segvs when grepping directories but only the version
> compiled in Aboriginal:
> (x86_64:1) /home # mkdir wup
> (x86_64:1) /home # toybox grep foo wup
> toybox[74]: segfault at 1003faf ip 00000000004259a4 sp 00007fff59573e30
> error 4 in toybox[400000+4e000]
> Segmentation fault
> If I compile a static toybox (same version, 0.5.1) on Ubuntu (14.10) and
> copy it into Aboriginal, it doesn't segv when I use it.
> Perhaps some bad optimisation or unexpected uclibc behaviour?

It's definitely a uclibc bug, doesn't happen with glibc or musl. (Or
presumably bionic.)

I have a local workaround for it (a cleaned up version of the last hunk
of the mega-patch I got sent a couple weeks ago, applied the rest to
toybox recently). I'm not checking it in to toybox might check that in
to the patches dirctory of aboriginal until I can get everything moved
over to musl.

(I spoke with Rich at ELC this week, and he took a look at getting an
llvm toolchain producing a native compiler. I believe he now understands
why I haven't already done it. :)


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