[Aboriginal] simple-root-filesystem now lives in initramfs (which is actually initmpfs).

David Halls dahalls at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 23:32:06 PDT 2015

> I note that if you're building a nontrivial amount of stuff,
> chroot-setup is probably your friend. Otherwise you'll install stuff
> into / until you fill it up, it's generally only got 100 megs or so of
> space. (Half of physical memory.)

I'm installing everything I build into /home/install, don't touch the rest.
Then /home/install itself becomes a sqf so it can't be messed with either.

> I still have a todo item from you (grep segfault with uClibc). I should
> go fix that now. (I had enough work getting the move to initramfs
> working I just shipped it once it built LFS on the targets. I'm still a
> kernel version behind, it's still running uclibc instead of musl...)

No worries, I automate the patching anyway.
Aboriginal is good enough for me as it is, although uclibc could probably
to with some love/replacement.
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