[Aboriginal] simple-root-filesystem now lives in initramfs (which is actually initmpfs).

David Halls dahalls at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 00:47:33 PDT 2015

> portability.c/getdelim under _APPLE_ & __ANDROID__ looks like it has
> several glitches I find it simpler if only one alloc block can be used,
> instead
> of three also realloc does not clear the expanded buffer so if you have
> realloced and hit EOF you will end up with uninitialized data in the last
> byte
> since it puts the \0 after where it thinks the delim is, also the 3rd
> realloc could
> allow the \0 to write after the end of the buffer if *np == i
> I can also descope two vars and eliminate one local which is nice.

Do you have your changes to hand?

> For testing I ran it with the ifdef __APPLE__/__ANDROID__ commented
> out.
> Do you have better test cases?

I just ran grep * on a directory with subdirectories and large files.

> For cp.c/do_install It is not working like the coreutils version of install
> O joy, install does not respect umask in coreutils and always creates 755
> toybox does respect umask, but on failure may leave the freshly
> created directory behind. and while your version does not segfault it will
> not produce the target file if that optc 1: return is still present.

I do get the directory created.

> at the moment I don't know how you would get so check is not set on a non
> first arg processing in exec ok execdir okdir?
> it looks sort of like dlist_add*() is paired with llist_pop
> so we are advancing the argdata pointer and ss (by the length of argdata)
> what is this a fix for?
find -exec

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