[Aboriginal] 1.4.1 is out.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Fri May 8 08:28:31 PDT 2015

It's just a kernel version upgrade (which involved patch massaging). I
should have cut it a month ago but there was more development I wanted
to do. Didn't get around to it this time.

One of the things I wantd to do was switch some targets over to musl,
but although I hit the grep issue with a brick (musl patch to add \|
support so ./configure doesn't barf with two -e options), the
lfs-bootstrap build then dies in m4 due to an if/else staircase of known
libc versions that ends with an #error. And then when you fix _that_
(with -DSTOPBEINGSOSTUPID) gmp dies the same way, and I punted to next
release. Possibly upgrading the lfs-bootstrap build to something more
currentis the solution here.

I also note that the lfs-bootstrap perl build on x86-64 is horked
because of a floating point rounding error under qemu (a tiny
not-quite-zero is taken as a version number, in the e-100 range).
Doesn't happen on an actual x86-64. Not quite sure what butterfly effect
perturbed this out of hiding, might have been upgrading my host to 11.04. :(

(The extra month was me hoping to get around to fixing both of those,
and not doing it. I was in Japan for a week and a half last month, and
am scheduled to return for 2 weeks on the 17th.)

I'm vaguely wandering towards another toybox release, and that should
have another aboriginal release to go with it. Based on the 4.0 kernel,
hopefully _before_ 4.1 comes out. (Catching up would be nice...)


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