[Aboriginal] native-compiler-x86_64 tarball ?

Laurent Bercot ska-dietlibc at skarnet.org
Fri May 8 06:40:35 PDT 2015

  Hello Rob (and list),
  Thanks for the latest release of Aboriginal Linux!

  As usual, I'm interested in the prebuilt toolchains. I've noticed
that there's no tarball for the x86_64 version of the native compiler.
Is this intentional ? I'm seeing a native compiler build at
but no separate tarball.

  I thought maybe the qemu issue broke your automation for x86_64 and you
had to do the build by hand, then forgot to upload the tarball; but the
1.4.0 download section is lacking a native-compiler-x86_64.tar.gz too, and
you didn't document any breakage then.

  For now, I'm using a cross-compiler-x86_64, and it does the job, but
it's unsatisfying - still relying on 32-bit mode. Any chance I could get
a native one without having to build it myself ?



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