[Aboriginal] 1.4.5 release.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Jan 11 19:29:15 PST 2016

Just cut another dot release, but all I updated was the kernel version.
4.4 came out so I cut a release with 4.3 just to get caught up.

I should have one more release in the next month or so, with 4.4 and a
new toybox and build control images that work with musl, plus converting
at least sh2eb over to musl.

For the record, the remaining tarrgts that use uClibc are:

armv4l - because EABI requires thumb
m68k - no musl port
mips64 - no musl port
sparc - no musl port

I can probably fiddle with --fix-v4bx and get armv4l switched over to
musl too. The other three require adding new target support to musl.

I also have (locally) the start of alpha and s390x support, neither of
which is in musl (but both are in klibc). I started poking at both
because qemu-system-alpha and qemu-system-s390x both exist and can boot
debian images, although in s390x's case uClibc never had support (the
image was glibc).



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