[Aboriginal] what fork should I use to get q800-capable qemu-m68k?

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Jan 11 20:52:23 PST 2016

On 12/20/2015 07:53 AM, Warren Postma wrote:
> Because my tastes run towards antiquity, when I found out about
> aboriginal linux, I of course wanted to try the oldest  and weirdest
> port you had.   Nobody has gotten Linux running on an emulated PDP-11
> yet, have they? 

According to Rich Felker there is a pdp 11 gcc out there, but alas
twitter won't let me look far enough back in his timeline to find the link.

> The  m68k q800 emulator appears from the mailing list archive to be a
> simulation of the last of the 68030 macintosh systems, so that's the
> first one I downloaded, natch.   Back in the day, my sympathies were
> with the 680x0 Amigas, but that's close enough.

Aranym is an atari m68k emulator, which people got our m68k root
filesystem working with before Laruent's qemu fork worked. Alas, it
required kernel patches and was non-obvious to build and run.

> Google, salva nos inscius, lead me to
> https://github.com/vivier/qemu-m68k/wiki which hath  branch 680x0-v2.3.0

You need the q800 branch. Then ./configure --target-list=m68k-softmmu
and build it, just confirmed the result works with the q800-2.4.0 branch.

> I have never built qemu from sources, so I found this ask
> ubuntu-question to get me past the DTC lib issue, I manually grabbed the
> tarball and unzipped into the /dtc/ folder...
> http://askubuntu.com/questions/424329/error-trying-to-compile-qemu-from-source

It's kinda horrible, you can do the git subrepo init thing it suggests
for dtc and another package (pixman?), have to install two more packages
to your host, and then the build breaks because it wants autoconf

> After that ./configure complains about broken libtool, but completes.

Nobody ever needs libtool for anything, it makes non-elf systems behave
like elf. Linux has been ELF since 1996. The fact libtool is a NOP yet
fails to do nothing successfully is the FSF in a nutshell.

> make got in a fair way, and the compile breaks while building
> aarch64-linux-user.  I am too much of a noob to figure out what to
> configure out to make this go away or if aarch64-linux-user is some
> basic part of this qemu build:

Never use snapshot du jour your first time building a project, pick a
release version. If the project doesn't have release versions, pick a
different project.

> Has anyone built an m68k q800 capable qemu on Ubuntu?

Yes, me, just now. The --target-list=m68k-softmmu thing tells it to
build JUST the target you want. ("softmmu" means system emulation,
m68k-user builds user emulation. The first boots a kernel and translates
hardware access attempts, the second runs an elf binary and translates
system calls. Turns out system calls are way more work to translate than
hardware access, so system emulation is noticeably more reliable. It
never has to worry about data passing through some random /proc file
needing to be parsed and rewritten.)

>  Are there any
> more tricks? Could I just turn off some element of the qemu build and
> get the qemu cpu-emulator up without any userland emulation? I'm
> guessing this syscall mechanism is actually central to qemu +
> aboriginal-linux functionality as it's probably how I/O occurs inside
> the emulator.

I should poke Laurent about getting his work merged upstream. (Again.)


(Dreamhost didn't delete the ENTIRE archive. Just the last year of it...)

> Cheers.
> Warren



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