[Aboriginal] sh4 target

David Halls dahalls at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 16:05:27 PST 2016

> > So which of these will build under Aboriginal? Will OpenRISC and RISC-V
> > need clang?
> Probably, although the GPLv3 toolchain should work as a stopgap once I
> get it integrated. (It's currently like eighth on my todo stack, mobbed
> by things this past month even _with_ the Japan trip probably pushed
> back to April...)
Personally not in a hurry for GPLv3 toolchain. I'm still managing to build
a load of packages in Aboriginal with the GPLv2 toolchain (though obviously
clang would be nice :) Perl, Python, Docker and QEMU are running.
Hoops I'm jumping through are here:

sh4 looks interesting, might try it with the GPLv2 toolchain after armv6l.
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