[Aboriginal] "sh: gettext: command not found" during host compile

Matthew J Fletcher amimjf at sky.com
Wed Jul 13 12:12:49 PDT 2011

On 13/07/11 13:48, Rob Landley wrote:
> On 07/12/2011 03:02 PM, Matthew J Fletcher wrote:
>>> Ubuntu turned gcc into a perl script that calls gcc.  (Yes really.)
>>> Sounds like Mandrake might have done the same thing, if so I'll have to
>>> install a copy here and fix it...
>> On this box /usr/bin/gcc which simlinks to cc is a binary, nano says the
>> first bytes are ^?ELF.
> So that's not it...
> I note that leaving mandrivia running overnight trying to format the
> virtual hard drive didn't complete.  Sigh...

Used Virtualbox for years, works find with pretty much all the distros 
and Windows versions i have tried. Mandriva included.

>> you probably wont like my linux box at work that uses the shell wrapper
>> colourgcc (or it might be the american spelling), anyhow thats a
>> different box.
> As long as it doesn't call anything that's not in busybox, it should
> work fine...
> The point of isolating the $PATH is to prevent ./configure scripts from
> finding stuff out of the host that won't be on the target.
> Internationalization support is one of them, and that's what gettext is
> part of.
> It seems like it's just a cosmetic problem, but I still want to fix it.
>   If I can ever manage to reproduce it...
> Rob


Matthew J Fletcher


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