[Aboriginal] By the way, if anybody is really bored...

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed May 11 15:16:16 PDT 2011

A lot of interesting stuff has been going on lately to make my todo list

QEMU is growing DEC Alpha system emulation:


QEMU's emulated Alpha applications forever, but didn't do the MMU or the
protected mode instructions, and didn't have a board emulation.  Now
it's got a patch set for it.  uClibc theoretically supports this, I had
a target file for it at one point but had no way to test the output.

QEMU is growing S390x emulation:


Finally, qemu can boot mainframe Linux, ala hercules.  I have some links
for this but basically google for "s390 linux" and you'll find most of
'em.  This is a target I've wanted to support for a while, but the
problem is uClibc does NOT support this, so it would need glibc.  Which
is a can of worms...

The device tree stuff:



  In theory this is a paravirtualization driver QEMU supports, which be
used for both block devices and serial I/O, meaning I could get MUCH
more generic boards

Oh, and the aranym devices went into 2.6.39, so in theory m68k no longer
requires patching the kernel.  So I should dig that up again and see if
I can get it working again and merged...


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